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Everything you need to welcome a new cat at home

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So, you have finally decided that your house can host one more tennant - and it will be a furry one! You’re ready to have a new cat at home.First off, congratulations are in order - caring for a living thing is a responsible task.Second, are you feeling a bit nervous? If it’s your first pet (and even if it isn’t), the whole situation can feel a bit overwhelming. You need to learn so much, prepare so many things, cat-proof the apartment, warn the neighbors… We’ll be here every step of the way - look no further than our complete guide here. Before you get your cat There are a couple of things you should make sure you take care of even before the cat sets paw in your place. Make sure everyone at home is on the same page You didn’t accidentally miss to tell your significant other that you’re getting a cat? Good! But there is more to it.If you’re living with children, they’re probably thrilled at the perspective they will have a furry friend at home. Talk to them and prepare them to be patient, especially during the first days when the animal is in the house. Tell them your new kitten is stressed in an unfamiliar place and the best way to make it calm is to leave it to explore the house on its own pace - even if that means you don’t see the cat over the first couple of days.Discuss with your partner what chores caring...